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Earn a Certificate from Traditional Indian Architecture Institution to Start your Vastu Journey Today.

Live Practical:

Get Live Vastu experience by doing the Live practical under the guidance of Expert Faculty.

Lifetime Support:

We provide you with lifetime support. You are always connected with us even after your course is Completed.

In-depth Study:

We provide the in-depth study of Vastu shastra to our students, We teach Vedic Remedies directly from the Indian ancient scriptures.

Never Ending Career:

Earning a certificate from All India Institute of Occult Science can open doors to various career opportunities in the field of Vastu Shastra. You can pursue a career as Vastu consultants, interior designers, architects, or even start your own consultancy firms.

The certificate awarded by All India Institute of Occult Science holds significant value and credibility. It is recognized not only in India but also all across the world.

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About Our Vastu Course

Welcome to our Vastu Course, where we invite you to embark on a transformative journey of creating balanced and harmonious living and working spaces. If you’ve ever felt that your home or workspace lacked balance or positive energy, you’ve come to the right place! Our Vastu Course is designed to provide you with the ancient Indian science of Vastu, a powerful technique for energy-balancing and creating environments that promote peace, prosperity, and overall well-being.

  • Learn more about the influence of cosmic patterns on our lives and the appealing universe they inhabit.
  • Learn everything there is to know about astrological meaning, planetary influences, and birth charts.
  • Learn about the roots of astrology in an updated and accessible way.
  • Well-prepared curriculum by top astrologers and subject matter experts.
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Methods Of Teaching Vasthu

What Will You Learn With Us?

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Beginner to Professional Vastu Course

Get ready to embark on a journey of profound knowledge and practical skills that will enable you to create harmonious and energetically balanced living and working environments.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll get:
  • Understand the significance of Directions and their impact on our Life.
  • Learn how to implement Vastu science.
  • Discover how Vastu can be applied in practical, real-world situations to improve various aspects of life.
  • We believe in making you Learn and implement.
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Benefits of Joining Best Vastu Course in
Traditional Indian Architecture Institution

Why should I Learn Vastu Course from TIAI?

You should enroll in TIAI, as We don't believe in teaching, we believe in making you learn and implement. We aim to give you the best training from Basic to Professional level. The most important thing is that institute stay connected with you even after the completion of the course.

What is the eligibility criteria to enroll?

The eligibility criteria for enrolling in Vastu Course is 10th pass.

Can I earn just after completing my Vastu Shastra Course?

Yes, definitely you will start earning after your course gets completed because we don't just teach you, we educate you for the course along with practical training.

How many levels our there in Vastu Course and Time Duration?

There are two levels in Vastu Course
1. Diploma in Vastu for 2 Months
2. Master in Vastu for 2 Months
Duration of Course can extend more than the given time because we don't focus on finishing the syllabus, we focus on making you learn.

What will be the benefits of doing Vastu Shastra Course?

1. You will be able to give accurate Future Predictions.
2. You will definitely learn more than the syllabus
3. You will be a Professional Vastu Expert

What can you do after completing Vastu Course?

1. You can take it as a Profession
2. You will be a certified Vastu Expert
3. You can predict accurately
4. You can become a certified Vastu Teacher
5. You will have an Never Ending Profession

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What is Vastu

Vastu Shastra holds a critical occupation for our living. However, a few groups expect confusion about this study of architecture, however, it doesn't water down its importance at all.

Vastu isn't just a study of developing a property, yet it is fairly an association with the antiquated Vedic science advancing happy living.

It is the study of architecture dependent on its tendency of advancing plan ideas in regards to heading explicit investigation related to the establishment of a house/building/plot/or different designs.

Vastu course in chennai includes the numerical estimation of a site's bearing-based properties. In light of the information, the legitimate and optimal situation of rooms, including the thought of exit and section entry, alongside the position of furniture still up in the air, according to Vastu standards.

These precautionary measures later contribute to compelling prosperity of the tenants of a Vastu-consistent house.

Vastu Course in Malaysia is very significant for us, given how applied standards of this science render development, harmony, success, and prosperity to our life. Assists us with improving our lives and will get from thing's that are turning out badly.

These five elements are as under:

The principles of Vaastu, associate the individual home with the inconspicuous laws of nature, for example, the energy matrix of the earth, valuable earth energies, and astronomical energies from the sun.

They likewise adjust the home to the five components of earth, water, fire, air, and space, which are known as the Panchabhutas according to Vedic practices.

Vasthu Tips
  • A worship room is an absolute necessity in each house.
    Directions:- North-East
  • The primary entrance is a significant component in Vastu.
    Direction:- North, East or North-East
  • There ought not to be five corners in the roof of a room.
    Why:- Because there are 4 directions (North, West, South, East)
  • Bedroom
    Direction:- South-West to bring good health and prosperity.
  • A Ganesha statue at the entrance of a business place makes positive energy.
    There are many Vastu course in chennai tips to make bliss full life.

Explore Other Courses

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Intermediate Awareness & Analysis

This is a mid level course to get a better understanding of Vasthu principles, basic fundamentals of Vasthu.

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Basic Awareness Course

This course provides a basic knowledge on Vasthu sastra in a very simplified way.

How to Fill out Admission Form

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  • Upload the front and back views of your Aadhar card, a passport-sized photograph, and your signature. Ensure that all these documents are under 2MB in size
  • Once you have filled out the form and uploaded the necessary documents, review all the details to ensure that they are accurate.
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