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Expert Practitioner Course

This is a comprehensive practitioner course to get a complete understanding of the ancient science of construction and to become a consultant.

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Intermediate Awareness & Analysis

This is a mid level course to get a better understanding of Vasthu principles, basic fundamentals of Vasthu.

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Basic Awareness Course

This course provides a basic knowledge on Vasthu sastra in a very simplified way.










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Live Interactive Class

We provide Live online interactive classes to our students.

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Recorded Sessions

We provide class recording to our students.

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Completion Certificate

We provide certificate after the successful completion of the course.

Traditional Indian Architecture Institution

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Vasthu Sastra ia a 5,000-year-old Indian science of dwelling found in the vedas, ancient Indian scriptures. Vasthu is based on the arrangements and balancing of the five elements - ether, air, fire, water and earth in their proper order and proportions. It focuses on the law of nature and flow of energy and anyone living in tune with the cosmic forces will enjoy beneficial energy flowing into their property.

  • Origin of Vasthu Sastra
  • Vasthu Pooja
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Traditional Indian Architecture Institution

The traditional Indian Architecture Institution started on 2nd February 2000. It's a registered firm. The founder of the institution is Late Jothisha Rathna Sowma. Master Yuvaraj Sowma is the managing director of the institutions. Er Kirubananda Sowma is the director and trainer of the institutions.

The intention of the institutions is to promote ancient knowledge to the younger generation. Master Yuvaraj sowma simplified the ancient wisdom for better understanding. Our study material is one of the most popular among the others. Mostly our students are from Architecture and Civil Engineering departments.

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I had an excellent experience with Master Yuvaraj Sowma. He is an experienced and efficient religious agent who offers reasonably priced services. He was also very courteous throughout the process. Highly recommended!

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P8 Architects have been collaborating with Yuvraj sir on all our projects that require his specialized Vastu consultancy. His suggestions are always helpful in redefining a project!


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