Traditional Indian Architecture Institution

6th Generation Vasthu Guru

Jyothisha Ratna Sowma Is The Proud Son Of Veeravanallur Manimandhira Owdatha Pandit C.Poorathana Adaviyarandhis Beloved Wife Alamelu Amma. Again Paramahamsar Of Vadakarai Kozhicode District. Thiru Sowma Has Acquired Adequate Knowledge On Astrology & Vasthu Sastra Since It Is Being Followed By His Forefathers And Continuously Practiced Through Generations.

Dr. Thirumuruga Kribananda Wariar Swamigal used to bless him and continued to be his well wisher throughout his life.
Late Jyothisha ratna sowma was the founder / publisher of the famous monthly astrological magazine "Ungal Ethirkala Vilakkam"

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7th Generation Vasthu Guru

Master Yuvaraj Sowma started his career in the year of 1995. He is the first hereditary Vasthu expert in the world to produce a CDROM and VCD on the 5000-year-old ancient science on architecture and construction at the year of 1999. He has travelled many Countries, attended many conferences on Vasthu Sastra and delivered lectures on the subject in Countries like the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Sri lanka, Nepal, Thailand besides India. He has provided private consultations to over 25,000+ residential and commercial properties.

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8th Generation Vasthu Guru

Er Y. Kirubanandan Sowma D Arch, B.E, MBA. First Son of Master Yuvaraj Sowma, He is a Civil Engineer and MBA graduate (Malaysia) and started his career in the year of 2015 now has completed 80+ successful batches on Vasthu sastra training. Also has done field services and lectures in Malaysia.

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What is Vasthu Sastra

Vasthu Sastra is connected to other sciences- astrology and Ayurveda (science of holistic medicine and longevity).
In the early days, Vasthu Sastra was propagated via Hinduism as a channel to disseminate knowledge. it is actually a pure science.
For centuries, Vasthu Sastra has been widely used in India in the purchase of properties; there is a growing global interest in it now.

Our motive

Our mission is to share the heritage wisdom of healthy living to the modern era. Also to share this this hidden science to all the people in a simplified way.

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Vasthu Sastra Generation


1st Generation

Manimandhira Owdatha Pandit Chinnasamy Adaviyar Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli Dist, Tamilnadu


2nd Generation

Manimandhira Owdatha Pandit Santhappan Adaviyar Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli Dist, Tamilnadu


3rd Generation

Manimandhira Owdatha Pandit A.Sivadhanu Adaviyar (1823 – 1887) Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli Dist, Tamilnadu


4th Generation

Manimandhira Owdatha Pandit S.Chidambara Adaviyar ( 1852 – 1910) Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli Dist, Tamilnadu


5th Generation

Manimandhira Owdatha Pandit C. Pooratha Adaviyar (1880- 1945) Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli Dist, Tamilnadu


6th Generation

Jyothisha Rathna P.Sowma ( 1935– 2005) Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam Dist, Tamilnadu


7th Generation

Master Yuvaraj Sowma Only one son of P.Sowma (Present) Chennai, Tamilnadu


8th Generation

Er Y. Kirubanandha Sowma B.E, MBA First Son of Master Yuvaraj Sowma New Delhi