Master Yuvaraj Sowma

Master Yuvaraj Sowma

7th Generation Hereditary Vasthu Consultant
Publisher of Vasthu Sastra Guide

Master Yuvaraj Sowma is a 7th generation hereditary Vasthu Consultant he started his career in the year of 1995. He is the first hereditary Vasthu expert in the world to produce a CDROM on the 5000 -years- old ancient science on architecture and construction at the year of 1999. He has travelled many counties, attended many conferences on Vasthu Sastra and delivered lectures on the subject in countries like the USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong, Uzbekistanm Jamaica, Srilanka, Nepal, besides India. He has provided private Consultations to over 50,000 residential and commercial properties. He holds a Bechelor of commerce and International Diploma in Computer Program & Application in Apple Technology.

He is a publisher of vasthu sastra guide (Tamil & English)
He is currently a consultant editor of star teller english monthly astrological magazine from indian express group in india,