Master Yuvaraj Sowma

Jyothisha Ratna P. Sowma

6th Generation (1935-2005)

Jyothisha Ratna Sowma is the proud son of veeravanallur manimandhira owdatha pandit C.Poorathana Adaviyarandhis beloved wife alamelu amma. Again paramahamsar of vadakarai kozhicode district. Thiru Sowma has acquired adequate knowledge on astrology & vasthu sastra since it is being followed by his forefathers and continuously practiced through generations.

Dr. Thirumuruga Kribananda Wariar Swamigal used to bless him and continued to be his well wisher throughout his life.
Late Jyothisha ratna sowma was the founder / publisher of the famous monthly astrological magazine "Ungal Ethirkala Vilakkam"